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Welcome to 52 Photography!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

(Yeah... this site finally has a blog :P)

Test shoot with my new Godox flash with my no.1 Fan :)

Thanks for visiting my site!

Hi, I'm Mervin, the photographer for 52 Photography

I used to be a freelance photographer, but now, I'm 100% FULL TIME into photography!

Unlike many photographers who are into melancholic style portraits, I'm more into capturing smiles and laughters. Some may feel that this is old school or 'unnatural', but I try to do it in a candid or relaxing way.

Anyone can look really good or attractive, but when you add a smile, it makes the person look even more beautiful.

However, I am also trying to improve my style, so I'm now open too 'stoic' looks and melancholy style photography, gradually.

Feel free to browse our gallery or our Instagram page to look at the types of photography we do! Also, you can make a booking via here or by my mobile no. +65 96204033

See you around!


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