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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best place for Outdoor Photoshoots in Singapore?

Ans: There is no definite answer to this question. It is not just about a popular or scenic location for any photoshoot.  Many factors will be considered for a best location in photography. For example, many people find Gardens by the Bay to be a good place for a shoot, but there are also clients who prefer less 'touristy' locations such as quiet beaches with sunset, while there are also parents who prefer not to go to beaches in case their children get bitten by sandflies.

The list goes on. 

In the end, it is about the place that is accessible to you with a scenery of your choice or the place means the most to you. (Eg. your first hike with your ex-girlfriend-now-wife, your proposal site etc etc)

Do you charge extra if we go to a 2nd location?

It depends on how far the 2nd location is. If the location is too far or takes too long to reach (eg. from Fort Canning to Sentosa) then more time will be consumed. In this case, an additional hour may be charged and it may be incremented if more time is required. 

We also provide transport service for up to 4 pax with small luggage if you need transport services at a reasonable rate to cover the entire shoot. Do enquire with us for more details.

How many sets of costumes/clothings is allowed for a 2hr session?

Usually we will recommend up to 2 sets of clothings if there are locations convenient for a change of clothes (We also have changing tents available with additional charges applied) Of course if the time is extended due to excessive change of clothings, there will be additional charges incurred on a hourly basis.

Do you still provide makeup services?

Yes, we work with a network of makeup artist that provide professional makeup and hairstyling services, they will even follow through the shoot with reasonable rates to ensure you look your best, do enquire with us for more info!

Why don't you provide clothings/costumes for every shoot?

Trust us, we would love to do that too.

However, it takes a big location to store these clothings. Furthermore, it is hard to please everybody in terms of clothing choice, what more if to ensure that they fit into those clothes nicely? 

Fortunately, we are working with a selfie studio to make the dream come true for the ladies (fewer choices for the guys for now....sorry) Additional rental charges may apply

How about props? Do you provide them too?

We provide basic props to keep the kids entertained and the couples happy (eg.. the all rounder Bubble wand, mini black boards, confetti, sparklers, fairly lights.. etc)

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