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Terms & Conditions 
Photo Booth Rental

Services Provided

52 Photography offers comprehensive photo booth services, including:

- Installation and teardown of the booth, backdrop, and printer (unless provided by the customer or third-party vendor)
- Transportation of the booth to the customer's location
- Assistance during the shoot, management of the photo booth, and refilling of consumables (e.g., ink, paper) with one assistant, all delivered in a service-friendly manner
- Sharing options for soft copy images via QR code or URL link after the shoot
- Provision of props, ensuring they are organized and readily available

Storage Media

Please note that we do not provide storage media or thumb drives unless otherwise specified.

Use of Images

52 Photography reserves the right to use captured images for social media and online advertising purposes. We assure that we will not sell or provide images to third parties for personal or commercial use or for defamatory purposes. If you prefer not to have your photos published online, please inform us, and we will respect your decision.

Booking and Payment Terms

- A minimum of 50% down payment is required to secure the booking, unless otherwise agreed upon by 52 Photography and the client.
- Payment methods accepted include cash, Paynow, online bank transfer, and cheque (subject to case-by-case basis).
- If payment is not made after the shoot, images may be watermarked or withheld until full payment is received.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

- Cancellation must be made at least 10 days before the shoot, or the down payment will be returned in 50% of the paid amount.
- Last-minute cancellation (less than 3 days' notice) will not be entertained, and the down payment will be forfeited, unless otherwise informed.
- Rescheduling will be made at the convenience of our availability. If rescheduling is due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances, please inform us, and we will reschedule the slot to the nearest possible date and time.
- Last-minute rescheduling of less than 3 days to the shoot day will not be entertained and will result in cancellation of the booking with no down payment refunded.

Unforeseen Circumstances

We will do our best to ensure your event runs smoothly with a pleasant experience. However, in events beyond our control (e.g., power outage, uncontrollable traffic delays, sudden equipment failure, natural disasters, etc.), we will refund the down payment if the fault lies on our responsibility and the event has not been started or at the most no more than the agreed amount stated on the issued invoice by 52 Photography. No payment or refunds will be made by 52 Photography if the fault do not lies on issues beyond our control.


Equipment Responsibility

If the equipment is damaged at the customer's premises due to careless or irresponsible handling and usage , the customer will be liable for full payment and/or repair cost of the damaged equipment. Please contact our staff or the person-in-charge if you are unsure of how to handle / install our equipment.


Please see below for the cost of replacing the equipments.

List of equipment and cost of replacement.

1. Entire Photo booth (refers to the enclosure, touch panel, LED light, camera with lens, mini-pc and booth stand) : S$ 5060
2. Touch screen panel: S$ 480
3. DSLR & lens : S$ 1900
4. Mini-pc: S$ 780
5. Enclosure : S$1480
6. Booth Stand: S$ 280
7. LED light: S$ 140
8. DS620A Printer: S$1800
9. Printer Stand: $ 200

10. Studio flash: S$ 250

52 Photography reserves the rights for any amendment to the terms and conditions stated on this page.

Last revised on 10th May 2024, by 52 Photography


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