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Top 5 recommended props or toys for Outdoor Family Photography

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Family photography in Singapore | By 52 Photography

Yes, you can shoot normally without any props, but if you can add in the fun, why not add in some props?

Here is the Top 5 props we often use in our outdoor photography in terms of popularity and usefulness:

5. Picnic basket / Picnic Sets.

Outdoor Picnic theme | By 52 Photography
Outdoor shoot with Picnic set on Marina Barrage

A very cute theme for shoots. Imagine having a picnic with your loved ones in an Outdoor park setting with lush greenery and blue skies. You can either add real food by preparing an elaborate picnic basket or just buy it all from a supermarket, or stick to using prosthetic foods / drinks to avoid spills and mess.


There is actual food and drinks!

It can be very detailed and lots of poses / props to shoot with.

Not strenuous with minimal physical activities.


Many items to prepare & bring along and clean-up.

Attracts unwanted animals / pests. (watch out for monkeys)

Mess created when eating not aesthetically pleasing for shoots (especially for children)

4. Tents / Tepee

Proposal and glamping photography | By 52 Photography
Proposal shoot with Glamping tent

An increasingly popular prop for shoots. Some clients even go to the next level by using a 'Glamping' (Glamorous Camping) caterer and they will magically setup a 'Glamping' site for you, complete with lights, fans and maybe even a USB power source for your mobile devices!

For kids there are small tents which are more portable (can't fit an adult though) which you can buy online, which makes a very nice backdrop if paired with the right props (eg: toy safari jeep, stuffed animals etc)


A lovely addition/ highlight of any outdoor themed shoot

Can be used for for actual camping and for shelter(for 'Glamping' tents)

Can be used to enable many poses without too much physical exertion.


Heavy prop with too many items to setup.

Not easy to carry around.

Setup requires some effort and time

3. Letterings/Banners

Family Photography in Hort Park, Singapore | By 52 Photography
Outdoor family shoot with wooden letterings

A great way to showcase your family name, shoot theme/event or even to commemorate a special occasion will be to use letterings or banners in the shoot.

When well-placed, it not only serves as a good looking prop or backdrop, it is a beautiful way of highlighting what you wish to show to your family and friends. It is also unique from other props as it adds a sense of identity if you use words or initials that best represents your family or yourself!


Fully customisable and adds a sense of identity

Unique from other props

Relatively lighter and easier to bring compared to most props


May not be allowed to hang or install (banners) in some locations

May be hard to place/balance on uneven ground (letterings)

Kids may manhandle the letterings or banners (it may be a good shot sometimes :P )

2. Balloons:

Sunset shoot in Botanic Gardens | By 52 Photography

Yes, we're talking about helium balloons here!

Everyone loves floating, cute balloons (even Pennywise knows that....haha). When incorporated into an outdoor shoot, it not only adds colour, customisable with themes and messages, but also a sense of fun and innocence as it decorates the shoot.

From wedding shoots and proposals to baby outdoor portraits, balloons are so useful and it is definitely much welcomed as a prop in any outdoor shoots!


So much fun and colours when used in a shoot!

Kids looove it! (adults too!)

Can be customised with words and themes!


Hard to transport if in bulk (recommend to get it delivered by a supplier)

May not hold well in windy locations (eg. Marina Barrage, beaches)

Fragile and may scare kids sometimes if it burst.

1. Bubble machine / Wands

Sunset shoot with bubble wands in Botanic Gardens | By 52 Photography

Our favourite prop!

The easiest to use and transport prop! A fast baby / kids pacifier that is not only fun, it adds more aesthetics when used correctly in any outdoor shoot! When in doubt, try a bubble wand!


So much fun! Even adults love it too!

Easy to bring around, easily available in most stores

Adds a magical touch to the images when correctly captured


Leaky bubble liquid may be a pain sometimes

Kids may accidentally pour away or ingest small amounts of bubble fluids (parents to take note)

May not work if surrounding is too windy or too dark

That's all for our recommendation! There is still many props or toys that will enhance the shoot, but these are our favourite. Which one works for you best?

Not too sure what to bring or need advice? Talk to us today to find out more!

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