Why do you need an Event Photographer?

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Proper angle poised for success | By 52 Photography

Yay, event hosting is finally coming back to Singapore, with even less restrictions from the Covid-19 measures!

It will be important to document the events with photography or videography, be it for official posts or for keepsakes among friends and colleagues.

Nowadays almost everyone is armed with a powerful phone camera that takes awesome photos and videos, not only it has A.I features to make you look better, they allow you to share the images almost instantly. So why do you still need to engage an event photographer? Here are 5 reasons to choose an event photographer over your trusty smartphone.

  1. They are trained to take better photographs.

Yes, it is easy to take out your phone and take a picture with your friends and colleagues. But is it ok to have every shot with the extended hand look? Will a formal pose look better? Or why not have the best of both worlds? Did you forget to take the shot of the VIP or are you too engrossed with catching up with your friends?

The event photographer will usually arrive earlier to scout the event venue and surrounding locations to find the best spots and angles to take the best shots. They will also link up with the event planner or host to find out who are the key personnels in every event, utilising wide angle, close-up shots, the correct expressions etc for every moment.. to ensure NOTHING is missed out in every event. Not only that, they can also help you take the pictures with your phone as soon as they are available to do so.

Event Photography @ Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore | By 52 Photography
A 70-200mm lens with a good hotshoe flash on tripod proved to be the best option without disturbing the speech

2. They are well-equipped.

Every event photographer will be armed with an arsenal of lenses and flashes to ensure that they are able to take that shot before he misses the moment. They can separate the main subject from the busy background using a prime lens or capture the candle-lit moment using a correctly lit flash with the right shutter speed.

Event photography in Shangri-la hotel, Singapore | By 52 Photography
We photographers have no time to be shy to take nice shots

3. They are not afraid (or not shy) to engage your clients

We will and we must get the job done, especially if it is an important moment (By asking nicely or engaging them professionally with sufficient dosage of humour if it is appropriate)

Golf event (outdoor sports) photography, Singapore | By 52 Photography
Well-timed images are great for boosting your corporate newsfeed

4. It makes your event looks more professional

It may be already a staple for most events, but professional photographers will do their best to ensure every guest looking their best. You can also opt for items such as live projection or photo printing (complete with a backdrop and photo printing) to make the event even more engaging yet unforgettable.

Let us do the work, you go mingle with your guests and friends

5. So that your guests and you can relax and have fun.

It's your event or celebration. Just leave the documenting to us so you can relax and know that your images will be professionally taken with same-day image preview at high resolution and post them the moment your event is over.

Do you have an event that needs professional photography services? Don't hesitate to contact us here! Our rates starts at an offer price of $180 for the first hour and lower priced for 3 hours or more!

Contact us here for more details!

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