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New Service available! Fresh 48 Photography

This is definitely one of the most amazing experience I've ever had.

For those who are new to this, Fresh 48 photography means taking the pictures of the newborn baby within 48 hours of birth, usually in the maternity ward. 

Fresh 48 photography was just something I've came across over Google randomly. It never even crossed my mind to even shoot it, until one client asked me: " Do you do Fresh 48 photography?"

I thought to myself: Hmm... Why not?

We then made arrangements and asked for the client's expectations. The ward she arranged in made it easy as it was bright and spacious. There was more than enough natural light I can hope for!

All the parents need to do is to arrange the date & time for me to come over and take photos, preferably in daytime as natural light just looks better in this shoot.

As for the shoot, I tried to make it as natural as possible without too much posing and props, for I do not want to take too much time away from the parents to the little one.

On the day of the shoot , I just proceeded to the ward. When the baby arrived back into the ward, the atmosphere was filled with warmth and joy throughout the room. I spoke real softly as I can't help but gasp at how cute the baby is!

I think the shoot turned out pretty natural, yet heartwarming :)

So if you are reading this and have considered about Fresh48 photography, why not book a session with us today? Trust me, it will be one of the most amazing experience you ever had, just like it will be for me.




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