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Welcome to 52 Photography!

Hey, I'm Mervin, and you've just landed at 52 Photography!

Believe it or not, my journey into the world of portrait and family photography started by chance over 15 years ago. A friend of mine asked me to be his wedding photographer, and from that moment, I was hooked.

As the years rolled on, I soaked up knowledge and experience from anyone willing to teach me, plus gigs that came my way through good old word-of-mouth.

You know what's my real jam in photography? Capturing those genuine emotions and happy moments. I live for that.


But here's the deal – I don't want my clients stressing out during shoots. Nope, my goal is to make the whole experience fun and memorable.

And guess what? I've got a hidden talent – I'm great with kids, and I figured that out even before I became a parent myself!

Sure, I can do all that fancy Photoshop stuff and color corrections, but what really matters to me is getting those real, natural expressions. It's all about the little things, like a kid's first steps, a dad handing off his daughter to her future hubby, or a surprise proposal.


My mission? Capturing those moments like a pro.

So remember, it's not just a picture – it's your special moments, captured through our lens, and delivered straight to your heart!


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Simple, fuss-free, yet capturing the purest happiness and emotions


Capturing your major milestone in the most memorable manner!

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Maternity Shoots

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